Read what our lovely students say about us

“I have been practising my Teeline using your lessons for the past few months. The exercises are really good and I have seen an improvement in a very short time. This gives people like me the opportunity to practice using their shorthand when they want to. Alison and Liz have been brilliant. I was surprised to get replies so quickly when I had a query. I want to thank them both for their support and being there for me. Thank you!"

SJ -Atlanta USA

“Being 35 years old and owning my own business, after browsing the web I found your lessons. It is absolutely great for a person like me with no shorthand experience. I have recommended it to my friends and we love it and are spreading the word!"

YG - Manchester UK

“I am so glad that I found you!! I love the fact that there is no software to install. Now I can practice my shorthand anywhere I go. I even checked in when I was on holiday and the weather wasn't so good. The hotel had Wi-Fi and I was able to do my daily practice! The more I look in to it, the more I love it. Your course has really covered everything that I need to learn about Teeline and build up my speed. It makes the learning process much easier than I thought. Great product! Great learning experience! I couldn't believe how personal the service was that I received from my personal tutor. I now feel that I can come back to you any time I want to if I have any questions. Thanks again."

AO Southampton UK

“Well Teeline Online - without you I would never have managed to complete and pass my Journalism course! I used your course as a back up because there were times when I just couldn't make it in to class. I have now secured an internship and use my Teeline every day! Thanks for everything."

TJ Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK

“Having compared your lessons to others, your one is great value for money. It is far better value and the fact that you have no restrictions on how long it takes me to complete the course or how often I can do it is brilliant. I want to take my time and do it properly rather than rush to get through it because I am running out of time. I think I will be upgrading to your Gold membership soon so that I can also benefit from receiving feedback from you."

6OH Gillingham, UK

“I was struggling with my journalism course - trying to learn the shorthand in a short time each week. Your lessons helped me to overcome that. I do about 30 minutes a day - just a couple of exercises and my tutor has said I have increased both my speed and technique. I don't feel under as much pressure now and am sure I will now have a better chance of passing my exam. Thanks for all your help"

JW Perth, Western Australia, Australia

“I like Teeline Online very much. It is very user friendly. I am learning new words each day and also am now able to create my own groupings. Thanks again."

SM Singapore

“I am 50 years old and learned shorthand after I left school. I gave myself a challenge to see if I could learn shorthand again. I tried doing Teeline from a book but couldn't motivate myself so I searched online and found your site. The personal service I have received should be applauded. Even though it is online I have received a firstclass response to every query (quite a few!!) and you have managed to keep me motivated throughout even when I have found it a bit of a struggle. Your tutorials were so clear and concise, even an oldie like me could understand them!"

MP Seaford, Sussex UK

“I looked at other shorthand lessons both online and off and this one is the best! I am changing careers right now and need to enhance my skills. This programme has done that by teaching me the techniques for accuracy and speed. I think this is such a valuable skill to have - everyone should try it!!"

KR Flitwick, Bedfordshire UK

“Just a quick note of thanks for all the support and feedback you have provided to our students. I feel that it helps to put them in the exam mind-set earlier than usual and has also helped them with their revision. Thank you for always responding so promptly to our questions. We look forward to working with you with our next cohort of students."

SL - London, UK

“Our organisation held one of your in-house One-day Intensive Teeline Workshops and we then went on to all join the Platinum level. I can honestly say that you motivated us all and continue to do so. There is not one size fits all with learning and your flexibility allows each individual to work to their own pace without the intimidation of being in a classroom environment. Thank you for your patience."

AF - Aylesbury UK

“The content of the course was very simple and straightforward; this makes it easy for me to start using Teeline right away. This will help me to take more effective and accurate notes in meetings - thank you".

BM - Blackburn, UK

“I must admit it took me about 20 weeks to get through the whole course. I had to go back a few times because I forgot the basic stuff. By the end of the course I was able to write confidently and at high speeds - well done - good job Teeline Online!"

HA, Edmonton, London UK

“I love that I can learn this skill in my own home without having to go to a college - fab."

EG, Encino, LA, California USA

“What I liked the most about learning Teeline online is its flexibility and convenience. Online learning is very convenient since you can complete the assignments anywhere at any time on the gold level. What eased my fears about the online course was the help from a personal tutor."

JB - Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

“My online experience has been so rewarding thus far! I love the convenience of learning when it is convenient to me. I work two jobs after all, one full and one part-time, so time is of the essence. I had thought that it would be hard to get in contact with my personal tutor if I had a burning question about an assignment, but that has not been the case. I also love that I can work at my own pace; I could not see myself sitting in a classroom for 15 weeks ever again. I recommend online classes to any individual who can study independently and does not need to interact face to face. The key to online courses I believe is to plan your time wisely, study a bit each day and try not to get behind."

LK - Renton, Washington, US