Dedicated tutor

Your dedicated tutor will ensure that the course achieves your goals and your students reach their optimum potential.

Tailored course

We can deliver our off the shelf course or we can tailor the training to reflect your particular industry, requirements, culture, goals etc., We can also customise the course content, length and instructional technique to fit your unique business needs.

Reduced travel

On-site training saves your staff/students travel expense, as well as time away from work. (on site training unavailable at present due to COVID.)

Onsite One-day Intensive Teeline Workshop

We can run our One-day Intensive Teeline Workshop at your organisation. Please see our One-day Intensive Teeline Workshop page for more information.

Unlimited access

Once the students have completed the ten lessons, they will be able to use their login details indefinitely to come back to the online lessons and refresh their skills whenever they wish.


Please get in touch with us to discuss our pricing plans for running inhouse courses.


Please contact us to check availability of our on-site programme.