Join our Online Teeline Workshop

How does it work?

Our online workshop is run by our tutor Alison Berglas.  This will be a two-hour online interactive workshop which will be a combination of presentation, demonstration and some practical exercises for you.  By the end of the workshop you will be able to start using your Teeline – writing words and sentences that you can use straight away.

Next Teeline Online Workshop is date to be confirmed.

What do I get for attending the Teeline Online Workshop?

Apart from an introduction to the basic theory that you will receive at our Workshop, after attending you will receive access to our Platinum-level online course where you can continue learning Teeline shorthand. This includes:

  • A further introductory session with our tutor to run through the format of the lessons and discuss how you would like to undertake the course.  We are so flexible that we will work with you and your timescales and preferred method of learning.
  • Unlimited access to all ten lessons taking you through the complete theory with no expiry date
  • Unlimited access to all worksheets and assignments
  • Unlimited access to all lesson dictations
  • Unlimited access to additional 250 dictations (30wpm-120wpm) to help with building your speed (categorised as easy, medium and hard)
  • Up to three Zoom support video sessions with our Tutor to give you extra support and assessment of your current learning
  • At the end of each of the ten lessons is a three-part assignment that you can submit to our tutor by email for review and feedback
  • Our tutor will return your assignments with any corrections. She will also give you some explanation or ideas on any improvements to help you with your Teeline.
  • Detailed feedback on your submitted assignments
  • Extra personally designed exercises if appropriate to support your learning
  • Support with tailoring learning to your work environment, if required
  • Suggested high-speed cuts for your work based vocabulary e.g. medical/legal etc.,
  • Specific extra support in areas where needed e.g. extra dictations/exercises/shortcut reminders etc.,
  • One to one support from our tutor via email/phone/Skype/Zoom etc.,
  • End of course speed test with our tutor via Zoom
  • On completion of the course and your speed test, you will receive a certificate to confirm you have completed the course and reached the speed you achieved in your speed test
  • Access to our additional five-part minute taking course


What will I need for the Teeline Online Workshop?
You will need to be available on the date/time of the workshop

You will need an internet connection and a laptop or device with a camera so that you can share your exercises with our Tutor

You will need a writing pad and pen

How much is the Teeline Online Workshop?

The price is £300.00.  Should a delegate be unable to attend the Teeline Online Workshop – then they can choose to attend a workshop at a later date or just start the online lessons as a Platinum member (details as above).

What do I need to do to book a place?

To book your place at our workshop – please complete this registration form (only active when we have definite dates - if you would like to be informed of future workshops please contact us and we will add you to our waiting list..  You will receive a confirmation of your registration and an email giving you a link to make your online payment.

Once payment has been received you will receive an invitation to put in your calendar for the online workshop. Our workshops are delivered over zoom, on the morning of the workshop you will receive a link to log into the zoom channel. When it's time for the workshop click on the link and begin. For more information on how to join via Zoom please visit Joining a Zoom meeting.

Workshop Registration

For group registrations, payment by invoice and direct bank transfers, please contact us