Q: Who can join?

A: Anyone - from any Country - we have members worldwide. If you need a price in your currency - click on the 'Contact Us' button - tell us your currency and we will convert the prices for you.

Q: How long will the course take?

A: As long or as short as you want - there is no pressure from us - you can do the lessons at any time you want.

Q: Why can't I see the answers to some of the exercises?

A: They are hidden so you can't cheat!! If you drag your mouse over the boxes the answers will be revealed. Hold the left mouse button down while you are dragging.

Q: Will I get a certificate?

A: If you are a Gold or Platinum student, undertake successfully all of the assignments, then on completion of Assignment 10 you will receive a certificate (PDF) by email that you can print locally, to say that you have competently completed the course

Q: Can I change from Silver Membership to Gold or Platinum whenever I wish?

A: Yes - just send us an email and we will arrange for you to turn to Gold/Platinum level upon receipt of the extra payment.

Q: Can I change from Gold or Platinum to Silver Membership?

A: No - once you have signed up for Gold or Platinum you can not downgrade.

Q: Do I have to use the outlines and symbols that you use in the exercises?

A: It is important to remember that the outlines and symbols used in our lessons are suggestions - you do not have to follow every word by the letter. You can make up your own outlines, symbols and word groupings that are used frequently within your own environment. As long as you can read back your own shorthand then that is what really matters.

Q: Can I print out the lessons to do whilst I am not on a computer?

A: Yes - you can print out all of the lessons or just the one you need. Remember you must not share these with anyone.

Q: Can I download the sound files so I can do the dictations whilst I am not on a computer?

A: Yes you certainly may. By printing the PDF of the lesson and downloading the sound files to your mp3/iPhone/laptop/IPad etc., you can continue with your lessons whenever you wish - even whilst you are on the move!

Q: Why is there no telephone number to contact you?

A: Unfortunately we received far too many cold callers and marketing calls. We are happy to provide a telephone number for you to call us if you send a message using our Contact Us page

Q: Is there an exam?

A: Our members are worldwide and each country has its own examination boards - it would be impossible for us to arrange this for all of our students. We will, however, do what we can to put you in touch with an organisation who can help you.

You can however find some exam information on the NCTJ website - how to apply for a shorthand exam.

Q: Why do you only accept certain currencies?

A: As our method of payment is via PayPal then we can only accept the currencies that they will accept. You can send us a bank transfer if you wish - contact us for more information if this is what you wish to do.

If there is anything further you would like to know, please contact us