What is Teeline shorthand?

Teeline shorthand is a method of speed writing which will help you to write faster. Based on the basic English alphabet and by removing unnecessary letters and some vowels makes it much easier to write at a higher speed. Some common words are abbreviated by 'special outlines' which are used frequently. Teeline is now the preferred method of shorthand and is the system accepted by the NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists). It is an extremely flexible system and the theory is simple which makes it an easy system to learn and the choice of note takers worldwide.

Why learn with Teeline Online?

Teeline Online has been helping students students worldwide since 2007 to learn or refresh their Teeline shorthand skills. We offer an effective way to learn Teeline shorthand by e-learning - the new way to learn without leaving your home or workplace, wherever you are in the world. You just pay a one-off joining fee for unlimited membership.

There are times when we all need to make notes, jot down instructions or take minutes at meetings quickly and efficiently in many different situations. Teeline shorthand is the simplest form of shorthand to use and the quickest system to learn - whether you are using it as a journalist, secretary, minute clerk, manager at a business meeting, a student taking lecture notes or for any other reason. You can work at your own pace in your home or wherever you wish.

There are no unnecessary CDs, books or other materials - everything you need to learn Teeline shorthand is provided in our clear, concise and easy to follow lessons - except the paper and pen that is! We are doing our bit to help save the planet. Our unique course has no end dates - no semesters or terms and no need to renew your registration. Once you have signed up you have unlimited access. You can stop and restart at any time and for no extra cost.

The Teeline System

James Hill died before his system became widespread, but not before its virtues had been recognised by the late Harry Butler, who was at the time the shorthand consultant to the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ). He was immediately converted to a system where trainee journalists could achieve 100 wpm in a fraction of the time it took using other shorthand systems.

The Teeline Royalties Partnership

The Teeline Royalties Partnership owned the intellectual property and copyright of Teeline outlines until it was transferred to the NCTJ in July 2021. Their role was to protect the interests of the authors of Teeline books and to ensure that there is a level playing field for organisations offering Teeline courses.